Product & Services


Our Wireline department is composed of highly qualified engineers, technicians and operators readily available to support your operations in Chad or elsewhere in the world.

Our area of expertise covers both open hole and case hole services. Aside from providing you with field personnel, we can also help you for:

  • Open hole and Cased hole expertise
  • Technical Audit
  • Petrophysical log interpretation
  • Formation testing interpretation
  • Well integrity interpretation
  • Perforation services

We are working to offer you soon a fleet of cased hole logging tools to answer your well integrity and production logging needs




Readywell Oilfield Technology has strong partnerships with well-known oilfield certified suppliers to provide you with high quality products that enable to get the maximum out of your well.

We have a team of experienced professionals available 24h/7 to bring to your challenges optimized solutions by designing, executing and evaluating your well.

We can offer:

  • Completion accessories (X-Overs, Sliding Sleeves, Nipples etc..).
  • Mechanically and Hydraulically setpackers
  • Multistring production packers
  • Open Hole packers
  • Permanent production packers
  • Retrievable and feedthrough production packers
  • Sand control packers and accessories
  • Isolation Valves
  • Safety Valves
  • Liner Hanger Systems
  • Multilateral Systems
  • Multistage Completions
  • Screens

Well Services

We provide to our client services to meet their requirements. With more than 20 years in operations, a team of skilled engineers and operators is readily available to design, execute and evaluate your well. Software using latest technology enable us to optimize cement and gravel pack placement as well as fluid displacement for the best result.

We provide you with solutions in:

  • Primary Cementing
  • Remedial Cementing
  • Filtration services
  • Pumping services
  • Downhole Tools

We can offer:

  • Plugs
  • Float shoes
  • Float collars
  • Centralizers


Well Testing

Our experts will assist you to get the maximum through the life of your well.

You are at the right place to design, execute and evaluate your reservoir with optimized production.

The area of services we can offer:

  • Full package surface well test
  • DST (Drill Stem Test)
  • EPF (Early Production Facility)
  • Sampling (surface and downhole)
  • Data acquisition service
  • Waste fluids disposal (flaring)
  • Perforation services

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    Readywell Oilfield Technonology
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    BP 7043
    Farcha-Milezi, N'djamena
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